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Go for Healthy & Natural Foods

All products are 100% Natural & Chemical Free. Raw material used of A-grade superior quality. Products are manufactured in clean & Hygiene manner with Total Quality Management.

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ImageWelcome to Prazitra Agri Industry

We Provide High Quality Cold Pressed Oils In India

With a dream to provide people with healthier alternatives to food and lifestyle, Prazitra Agri industry was founded in December 2022.

Prazitra Agri Industry is an Indian company that is the leading specialist manufacturers of high quality cold pressed oils, using fresh Indian grown produce. We specialize in Cold Pressed Oil which is the purest form of oil and can be used for hair, face, and cooking. We manufacture Groundnut Oil, Coconut Oil & Sesame Oil

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ImageWe supply high quality organic products

A shop for good people by good people

“Prazitra Agri Industry” creates a new ENERGETIC wave in the ORGANIC market by setting a high bar for the quality of goods and providing diverse products under one platform. We are selling only the 100% natural, freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious product in every packet!

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Chemical Free Process

Without any chemical intervention so as to retain the natural goodness of the oil seeds.

Cold Pressed Oils

Cold Pressed oils are unadulterated, healthy and delicious too.

Alway Fresh

a Term used to convey the idea that the product is of the highest quality and has been carefully selected and prepared to provide the best possible experience for the customer.


Health Benefits

A quality oil should have naturally occurring nutrients instead of synthetic added nutrients

Culinary Uses

Oils with a low smoke point should always be used in salad dressings etc

Taste & Colour

A good quality oil should have the taste and characteristics of the seed or fruit.